SpeedTalk Mobile Incentivizing Reviews

I recently purchased a cheap service plan I wanted to trial from SpeedTalk Mobile. During the checkout process, I was shown the following:

This clearly violates Google’s guidelines.1

Reviews are only valuable when they are honest and unbiased. (For example, business owners shouldn’t offer incentives to customers in exchange for reviews.)

I also noticed SpeedTalk keyword stuffing in its website’s footer—another questionable strategy:2

I was pretty excited about SpeedTalk. Not anymore.

Alternatives to SpeedTalk

If you’re looking for an alternative low-cost carrier, take a look at my review of Mint Mobile or my larger list of recommended budget-friendly carriers.


  1. Excerpt from 6/13/2019 (archived here).
  2. From SpeedTalk’s website on 6/13/2019 (archived here)

2 thoughts to “SpeedTalk Mobile Incentivizing Reviews”

  1. Clearly there wouldn’t be a reason to leave a good review if they were giving a month of terrible service , nobody would be coming on the site to give a good review if the product they were giving wasn’t any good , I herd about speedtalk on a youtube clip, about how they helped this guys elderly mother get a phone plane that she could afford and being she doesn’t need a big data pack on her plan just a few calls to family during the month they just about custom fit her plan an the price was ridiculously low . she said the service was just as good as the one shes was paying triple for , so ib said i gotta try this network out and here i am , getting the extra time for free was just an unexpected surprise a real delight , tomorrow morning im telling the whole family about these guys .good night google lol…

    1. Hi Angela,

      I’m accusing SpeedTalk of irresponsible business practices rather than alleging that the SpeedTalk offers terrible cellular service.

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