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Coverage Critic investigates networks’ performance and carriers’ policies to help consumers find better cell phone plans. If you’re in the market for a new phone plan, consider checking out Coverage Critic’s Plan Finder or list of recommended budget-friendly carriers.

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Coverage Critic publishes some of the most in-depth information about the U.S. wireless industry and maintains a level of transparency that’s unmatched by other evaluators.

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Coverage Critic’s Unmatched Transparency

Coverage Critic believes consumers should have access to reliable and comprehensive information about the wireless industry. Third-party evaluations of consumer products and services are often threatened by conflicts of interest. Most evaluators try to sweep these issues under the rug and pretend to be impartial.

No evaluator is unbiased, Coverage Critic included. Consumers deserve to know where conflicts of interest exist and how extensive they are. A list of companies Coverage Critic has financial relationships with, along with details about the nature of the relationships, can be found on the transparency page.