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Mint Mobile’s eSIM Rollout

Mint Mobile is starting to rollout eSIM plans. Yesterday, a Reddit user posted a screenshot of a text conversation with a Mint Mobile support agent. In the discussion, the agent stated, “We will be offering eSIM soon, for iPhone X and above.”

The information the chat representative shared can’t be entirely accurate since the iPhone X doesn’t support eSIMs. I’m guessing Mint will initially support eSIMs on all iPhones released after the iPhone X.

Rizwan Kassim, a co-founder of Mint, eventually commented on the Reddit thread. Kassim confirmed that eSIM was coming and attempted to temper people’s expectations:

Before everyone goes ballistic … let the thing actually come out and I’ll share more then. =)

Whatever happens, it’ll be a phased rollout and won’t be available in all places to all people immediately. but soon thereafter.

Today, another Reddit user shared that he or she successfully ordered eSIM-based service. While the rollout of eSIM has started, Kassim’s point about the phased rollout looks accurate. My attempts to order eSIM service (or even find an eSIM option) were unsuccessful.

2 thoughts to “Mint Mobile’s eSIM Rollout”

  1. I wasn’t successful in getting the eSIM offer despite using different combinations of incognito mode, vpn and browsers. Then I thought to enter which model phone I would be using and doing a compatibility check with their service. As soon as I did and went back to my cart I saw the option to get the eSIM delivery. It may be a fluke but if not I hope it helps anyone else looking for it.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I don’t think it was a fluke! It’s a bit confusing that Mint is offering eSIM as a delivery option during checkout rather than a prominent/upfront option.

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