Verizon Expands LTE Home Internet

Verizon just expanded its LTE Home Internet. The service is now available in parts of 189 markets, including parts of every state except Alaska and Vermont. You can check availability in your area on Verizon’s website.

Verizon’s LTE Home Internet could be a good option in places where conventional broadband is not available. The service has no monthly usage limits, and Verizon says speeds will typically fall between 25Mbps and 50Mbps.


Current Verizon mobile customers can get service for as little as $40 per month.1 For those who don’t already have Verizon service, LTE Home Internet is available for as low as $60 per month.2

A special router is needed to use the service. Verizon sells the router for $240 and offers it through a $10 per month payment plan.


  1. Existing Verizon mobile subscribers enrolled in mobile plans that cost over $30 per month are eligible for a $20 per month discount. A second discount for $10 per month is available for subscribers that enroll for automatic payments and paperless billing.
  2. The base price is $70. A $10 discount is available for those who enroll in automatic payments and paperless billing.

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