Reviewing Altice Mobile’s “Unlimited” Policies and Pricing

Alice Mobile recently increased its prices by $10 per month. Service now costs $30 each month for Optimum or Suddenlink customers and $40 per month for everyone else.

In September, I argued that Altice Mobile was doing a lousy job of disclosing the limitations that came with the carrier’s supposedly “unlimited” plan. Given the recent price increase, I figured now would be a good time to revisit Altice Mobile’s policies.

Limits continue

Altice is still imposing a lot of limits on its “unlimited” plan:1

  • Mobile hotspot speeds are still throttled to 600Kbps.
  • Video is still throttled to about 480p.
  • Roaming data is still throttled to 128Kbps.

Previously, video and hotspot traffic would be throttled more intensely after 50GB of use. It looks like Altice has decreased that threshold to 20GB.

“Unlimited Everything” continues

Altice continues to advertise “unlimited everything.” Here’s a screenshot from Altice’s website today:

Altice Mobile screenshot

As before, it’s misleading for Altice to suggest subscribers can stream an unlimited amount of video or use an unlimited amount of mobile hotspot data. After 20GB of use, subscribers will be throttled to a maximum speed of 128Kbps for video and hotspot traffic. At 128Kbps, continuous streaming of conventional video won’t be possible.2 Many activities subscribers will want to do over a hotspot connection will be frustratingly sluggish if not impossible.3

Improved disclosures

To Altice’s credit, it looks like the carrier is doing a bit better disclosing limitations. With a single click, website visitors can view additional information:

Altice’s Broadband Disclosure Information seems easier to find than it was previously. While the disclosures still fall short of being explicit or easy-to-understand, Altice is moving in the right direction.


  1. Details about the limitations came from Altice’s Broadband Disclosure page on 2/24/2020.
  2. See my previous post for an explanation of this claim.
  3. See for additional information.

One thought to “Reviewing Altice Mobile’s “Unlimited” Policies and Pricing”

  1. I traveled to the Czech Republic which should be covered under the “unlimited plan”
    One week later my phone stopped receiving calls. interestingly after chatting with multiple support people, no one could help me. I figured ok I can still make calls I will figure this out when I get home.
    Surprise surprise today I came out of a meeting and my phone has no bars. My phone is now useless. I cannot make calls and I cannot receive calls.
    I have been trying to reach a technician on their “message us” link
    Over 30 minutes and no one.
    It is true you get what you pay for.
    I would not recommend anyone signing up for altice mobile. It is a huge scam and they forget about you as soon as you sign that contract for your new iPhone.
    Buyer beware!!!

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