Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs) Explained

A mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) is a company that provides underlying infrastructure for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). MVNE’s often handle the technical aspects or running an MVNO. For example, an MVNO might handle marketing in and sales in-house and offload tasks related to network connections and SIM card provisioning to an MVNE. Services like customer support and billing may also be offloaded to MVNEs.

Often, MVNEs are also mobile virtual network aggregators (MVNAs). MVNAs have relationships with network operators that allow them to resell network access to other companies (MVNOs and MVNEs).

Fuzzy boundaries

In practice, the boundaries between MVNEs, MVNAs, and MVNOs aren’t well-defined. Some MVNOs don’t even use MVNEs or MVNAs.



  1. “Red Pocket is another new MVNO to launch its services in the US market. Red Pocket boarded on Plintron platform. Red Pocket Mobile an American-owned company offering competitive rates for mobile services in the US.”
    From Plintron’s News page on 4/7/2020.