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Red Pocket Review

Red Pocket is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers plans on each of the Big Four networks (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon). Coverage maps for each network are available on Red Pocket’s website.

Red Pocket offers several plans with varying allotments of minutes, texts, and data. In my view, the plans running over AT&T’s network and Verizon’s network are priced very well relative to the competition.

Summary of my experience

I’ve tested both Red Pocket’s Verizon service and Red Pocket’s AT&T service. I ran into issues with the Verizon service and don’t recommend it. My experience with the AT&T service was better.

I’ve found Red Pocket’s customer support unimpressive and the company unprofessional. People who don’t mind making a few sacrifices may still find Red Pocket a good option thanks to the carrier’s excellent prices. If you’re looking for a carrier with better customer support, you may want to consider alternatives on my list of recommended phone plans.

Visit Red Pocket’s Website


Red Pocket offers plans on all of the major networks. Due to Red Pocket’s legal agreements, the carrier often can’t use its network partners’ names. Red Pocket instead has its own name for each networks’ service:

  • GSMA: AT&T’s network
  • CDMA: Verizon’s network
  • GSMT: T-Mobile’s network
  • CDMAS: Sprint’s network

Coverage maps for each service are available on Red Pocket’s website.

Thanks to a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile, the Sprint network will be decommissioned. While Red Pocket still offers service over the legacy Sprint network, I suggest that new Red Pocket subscribers choose a different network.

Plans and pricing

Red Pocket offers monthly plans at six price points. I run through the plans below, but you can also read about them directly on Red Pocket’s plans page.

Low-use plans

At the lowest two price points, plans are identical and available on any of the four networks:

  • $10 per month – 500 minutes, 500 texts, 500MB data
  • $15 per month – 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB data

Mid-range plans

Plans at the middle price points are only available on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint’s network (no T-Mobile option is available). These plans allow extra data use at sluggish, 128Kbps speeds for customers that run out of regular data.

  • $20 per month – Unlimited minutes and texts & 3GB data
  • $30 per month – Unlimited minutes and texts & 8GB data

High-use plans

Red Pocket’s second most expensive monthly plan is a bit confusing. Versions of the plan that run over Verizon’s network or T-Mobile’s network come with 10GB of data. Versions on AT&T’s network or Sprint’s network include 20GB of data. This plan allows extra data at sluggish speeds for subscribers that use all their regular data.

  • $40 per month – Unlimited minutes and texts & 10GB-20GB data

Finally, Red Pocket offers an unlimited plan at the highest price point. The unlimited plan is not available over T-Mobile’s network. While the plan is labeled “unlimited,” be aware that Red Pocket has vague usage restrictions in its terms of service. People who use egregious amounts of data may want to choose unlimited plans offered by other carriers.

  • $60 per month – Unlimited everything (allegedly)

Verizon service experience

Purchasing service

In April 2019, I ordered a $15 per month plan running over Red Pocket’s CDMA (Verizon) service. I paid $0.25 in tax on top of the $15 base price.1 I didn’t have to pay any extra for the SIM card or shipping.

Activating service

Several days after ordering, I received my SIM card and some introductory materials from Red Pocket:

The SIM card came in the standard 3-in-1 style.2 I inserted the SIM card into my Motorola G6 Play and went to to activate service. On that page, I entered the ICCID that came along with my SIM card. Next, I was prompted to enter my device’s IMEI. I was surprised that Red Pocket didn’t conspicuously explain how a customer could find his or her IMEI. While that wasn’t a problem for me, I could see this step confusing some customers. Instructions for finding an IMEI could be pulled up by clicking “Need help?” on the activation page, then clicking another item labeled: “If you are using a CDMA phone or device.” I don’t think requiring those two clicks to view instructions was a good design choice. Many people who don’t know what an IMEI is will also not know whether they have a CDMA device.

After entering my IMEI, I confirmed some personal information (e.g., my address) and finished the activation. This was when problems started.

Activation problems

After completing the online activation process, I was able to send texts. I didn’t have data service yet, so I adjusted my phone’s settings in an unsuccessful attempt to make the data service work. Red Pocket’s website suggested I place a test call after the online activation, so I eventually did that. When placing a call, I didn’t directly connect with the recipient. Instead, I heard some activation-related messages. I was told to press “1” if I wanted my messaging language to be set to English and then told in Spanish to press “2” if I wanted the messaging language set to Spanish. When I pressed “1”, I was told I had entered an invalid input. After multiple calls and several attempts at pressing “1”, I decided to try and go through the activation in Spanish by pressing “2”. I still got the invalid input message.

Calling support

Since I was struggling, I called the customer service line. I connected immediately with a Red Pocket support agent without being put on hold. To get started, I had to share a bit of information to verify my identity. One item I had to share was the last four digits on my SIM card. I thought that was a bit odd and inconvenient.

The Red Pocket agent said it sounded like my phone was not actually unlocked. I insisted that my phone was unlocked. I explained that I’d bought the phone unlocked from a third-party seller and had previously used it on multiple networks with several different carriers. The support agent was not convinced. He confirmed that my service appeared to be activated then tried resetting the service. The reset did not solve my problems. Every few minutes, the agent reiterated that he thought my phone was not unlocked. While I told him multiple times that the phone was not purchased from Verizon or branded with Verizon’s logo, the agent repeatedly told me I should call Verizon to confirm the phone was unlocked.

After some time, the conversation became confusing. From my perspective, the agent was telling me that my phone was probably not working because it was locked and that Red Pocket could only guarantee good service on Verizon’s network if I initially purchased the device from Verizon (which I hadn’t). After about 20 minutes, the agent and I agreed that we should end the call so I could try the SIM card in another device.

Dealing with the activation issue

I switched the SIM card into another device (this device was unlocked & Verizon-branded). I did not immediately have data service, so I went ahead and made a test call. I was promoted with the same information about setting my messaging language. This time, when I pressed “1”, everything worked as expected. After completing the call, my service was fully active. I switched the SIM card back into my original phone, a Motorola G6 Play, and everything worked fine.


I’m baffled by the “invalid input” issue. The G6 and G6 Play are common phones. I don’t think the issue I experienced should have been rare or obscure if it was device-related. I’m also not sure why an additional step was necessary after the online activation process.

My experience with Red Pocket was the most frustrating I’ve had while activating service with an MVNO. I don’t think most Red Pocket subscribers experience the issue I had or the sort of unproductive interactions with customer support that I had. That said, issues may not be uncommon with Red Pocket’s Verizon service. Joe Paonessa of shares troubles he experienced in part of his review of Red Pocket. Several people who’ve commented on this review have also encountered problems with Red Pocket’s Verizon’s service.

Another solution

A discussion I found on HowardForums mentioned a method that might help people who encounter the issue I did. The excerpt below comes from forum user MWink:

You have to DISABLE VoLTE/HD Voice before making that first call, which asks you to select your language. After you have successfully made that first (activation) call you should go back and re-enable VoLTE/HD Voice. I hope this helps.

Using the service

During my trial of Red Pocket, speeds were all over the place. I did not identify any obvious throttling. Here are a few screenshots from unsystematic speed tests:

Ok speed test resultSpeed test result showing slow speedsLackluster speed test resultDecent speed test result

AT&T service experience

In August 2020, I ordered Red Pocket’s $15 plan running over AT&T’s network. My experience with the AT&T plan was much better. During the ordering process, I called Red Pocket’s customer support and didn’t have a great experience getting a question answered, but the call was pretty inconsequential.

Activation of the AT&T plan was straightforward. While I had a few speed tests fail early on, the other tests I ran showed solid speeds. Since speed is location-dependent, I wouldn’t take these speed tests results too seriously unless you also happen to live near Boulder, CO:

Red Pocket’s eBay store deals

Red Pocket has an eBay store. At the moment, Red Pocket sells 360-day service options through its eBay store that are not available for purchase via the Red Pocket website. Below, you can find some of the notable options that were available as of 4/30/2019. Except where noted otherwise, each option was available on any of the Big Four networks and included free shipping. The quantities of texts, minutes, and data indicate monthly allotments.

360 days of service:

  • $60 – 100 minutes, 100 texts, 500MB of data
  • $99 – 500 minutes, 500 texts, 500MB of data
  • $169 – 1000 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB of data
  • $205 – unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB of data
  • $229 – unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 2GB of data
  • $240 – unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 5GB of LTE data, additional data at reduced speeds (no option for Verizon’s network)
  • $399 – unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 10GB of LTE data, additional data at reduced speeds (no option for Verizon’s network)

Visit Red Pocket’s Website


  1. Breakdown:

    • Federal universal service fund: $0.22
    • Federal cost recovery charge: $0.03
  2. The 3-in-1 structure allows the SIM card to be adjusted to the size a device requires (standard, micro, or nano).

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  1. I have experienced it both ways. Several times I have run into various problems trying to activate, however, I have also activated in minutes too.

    1. You think Red Pocket Mobile is great check out Tello Mobile they operate on the Verizon network. For starters Unlimited Talk and Text and 1GB of Data for$10. Month. Or Mint Mobile Unlimited Talk and Text and 3GB Data per Month, if you buy a year it’s $180. for the whole Year.

      1. Hi John:
        I just left Tello and loved them 4.5 years worth. T-Mobile as you know purchased Sprint. Had no problems with Sprint the minute I connected with T-Mobile low or no signal had to go outside to make a call.
        Ended up with RedPocket and better half US Mobile. Never new Tello used Verizon think maybe this was a error so you may want to check your facts. I would go back to Tello in a heart beat if this was the case.
        Thanks Bill

    2. I have the same issue-trying Verizon(CDMAV) – family plan:
      Instead, I heard some activation-related messages. I was told to press “1” if I wanted my messaging language to be set to English and then told in Spanish to press “2” if I wanted the messaging language set to Spanish. When I pressed “1”, I was told I had entered an invalid input. After multiple calls and several attempts at pressing “1”, I decided to try and go through the activation in Spanish by pressing “2”. I still got the invalid input message. Happening on my Oneplus 6T device

      Tried it from other device which had already activated for Verizon(Motorola G-6) but no luck. I can’t go pass that issue and customer service can’t help.
      Reported to California Attorney General and FCC.

  2. I had the exact same issue activating a line on a Moto G6 Play purchased from Amazon. Support chat was able to do something on their end to get me past the voicemail set-up. In the past I had activated a line with a Verizon branded Moto G4 Play on Red Pocket before with no trouble. I wonder if this is an issue with the Moto G6 Play or with all non-Verizon branded phones.

    1. My G6 Play also came from Amazon. I suppose I hope it’s a device-specific issue rather than something that occurs with all phones that aren’t Verizon branded.

      1. I had very similar issues with a Moto x4. I tried multiple times, and could not get the “press1” to work. The first CS rep had me reset the network settings, reboot ,remove SIM, reboot, reset, reboot, remove SIM……..until they hung up on me. Then, later in the day, I tried online chat….and this CS rep tells me that they have a known issue with Motorola and LG phones. I put my sim in a Samsung device, made a test call, pressed “1” and we were done. Moved the sim, and then could not get voicemail setup. Had to call, and they had to reset something on their end.

  3. I had 4 days of trying to make the red pocket CDMA v work on my PIXEL XL 3 after using it reliably on iphone resulted in my request for and granted a partial refund

  4. They have been charging my credit card for 7 months automatically even though i have called 8 times to stop it. They keep telling me its stopped and then charge it again. Its been a nightmare and its not even my phone! I paid my daughters bill one time and they kept my card info!,, Customer service is terrible trying to get this resolved!,,

    1. Sorry for the off topic but I just wanted to say that
      Bank of America’s ShopSafe would have saved you because you could have created a one-time use limited credit card on their website.

    2. Customer service is terrible 2 months in a row they have run my due date over 35 days which would not be bad except for running out of data first month they said my credit card was declined called credit card company not declined then they turned off phone was off for two days this month get message low on data suppose to renew on 15 feb no they were going to renew the 20 nobody wants to answer why

  5. I did not experience any of the problems you mentioned. I have had Red Pocket for two years now and I have a dual SIM phone with both the AT&T and the T-Mobile SIM in it. The only thing I have found is that I occasionally have problems with the T-Mobile SIM in that it will not provide data. I attribute this to T-Mobile’s tower maintenance in my area.

  6. The chat went from 5 to 9 minutes, then went to 13 minutes due to inactivity on their part.
    I shifted from minty cause minty raised my rates by $10. a month because I failed to renew the day before. Since it did not allow a phone or computer payment I guess Imma heading to Walmart or Best Buy cause red asked for access to my credit card. Yikes!

  7. I activated with a Motorola g7play on cdmav with a one month plan and it took no time at all to get fully started. I then ported my number from Mint on a 360 day plan on cdmav and it took 53 minutes with customer service to get it working. Customer service was very helpful. My problem was that when I tried to make a call it would go to a Verizon recorded announcement saying I had no credit available. I have had no problems with the service since then.

  8. Red Pocket has been a disaster for me. I bought two annual plans on eBay for my phones after Red Pocket assured me that my phones were compatible with their CDMA service. I received the SIMs and attempted to activate, but no go. Red Pocket then told me I would need to activate first with GSMA, then switch to CDMA afterward. I had to pay another month on my current plan while I awaited new SIM cards from Red Pocket. I received the cards and activated on GSMA, and it took hours online in chat to get the service set up and working correctly with the corret amount of prepaid service credited to my account. Next, the service was awful. Telephone calls were a garbled mess with service cutting in and out. When I submitted requests to transfer to CDMA, it became clear that Red Pocket did NOT want to transfer the phones to the CDMA network. Again I have spent hours in chat and emailing with them and they still have not fulfilled the requests. They have continually told me I have not funded the phone plans, even though I have the receipts and the online account reflects full payment for one year. I seriously wish I had not paid for a year in advance. This has definitely NOT been worth the hassle.

    1. You experience is a life lesson for others to try the monthly plans first with ANY carrier when they are available. Sorry you had such a hassle and thanks for sharing.

  9. I haven’t had any problems with RedPocket so far, I just switched to them in July because I needed a Verizon MVNO due to lack of signal in my area from anyone else. I switched to it from Ting, with whom I had nothing but positive experiences. So far, customer support has been great and activating devices has been fine. We activated an unlocked galaxy s9+, a Verizon note 9, and an unlocked oneplus 6t (which I had them switch to CDMA-less so that it worked correctly) with pre-paid SIMs that we bought from their eBay store (17.09/month for each device on Verizons network with unlimited talk/text and 2 gb data each is a steal). I haven’t had any problems with signal strength, throttling, or anything. I am sorry that your experience has been crappy! We have been stoked to have had it be so seamless.

  10. My experience was the reverse: I was on Mint for over a year, but their 4G service progressively got worse, which prompted a search for a new service provider. I tried Red Pocket (AT&T sim) and it was consistently faster in my area (California), and have been with them for almost a year now with no regrets.

  11. I’ve been with red pocket mobile for over a year. I’ve had nothing but good success with their service.

  12. I’ve had two phones on Red Pocket now for 11 months, I really like their prices and the 360 eBay plan. The service had been very good. My wife’s phone was a project getting it activated, actually over an hour and a half on the phone with tech support. Everything has been seamless since.
    I have had my service disconnected twice, once after 6 months and once again after 11 months. With each problem it seems you have to get the right customer service representative to handle the problem. I’m not sure whether or not I will take a chance on another year?

  13. You have forgotten to do apn setup I had to do that on my first day of using it I realized it wasn’t working so I went to the website and they told me I have to do apn setup you have to Google search red pocket apn setup gillow the instructions and it should work

    1. Hi Azz,

      While missing APN information is sometimes a problem, especially with older devices, that doesn’t seem to have been the problem in my case.

  14. My experience, worst MVNO ever. Used them for both ATT and TMobile service.
    I’ve used several MVNOs. I can’t wait for my term to expire so I can go somewhere else ( so far Mint Sim is the best MVNO Ive had ). One continuing issue is that the voicemail alert is constant, but when I check my vm, there is newessage waiting. I think they do this on purpose to have you use your minutes. If you pay attention to the prompts while in VM, you will notice they are meant to make the call longer than need be. MTC.

    1. I think it might be the phones. I have two Huawei phones and both almost two years of service. Never a problem. Mint on the other , the first one I tried was horrible. You have to set up your own MMS and can only imagine for someone not skilled how frustrating it could be. My frustrations with red pocket is you do not know if it will work on their system until you get your esn and can check it with their system.

    2. I had the exact same problem with RP on T-Mobile. I even contacted the owner of RP who had a senior tech call me at home. Over and over I insisted that the problem could only be resolved by T-Mobile, who would need to wipe out the existing voicemail so I could reconfigure it from scratch. This explanation eluded them. I solved the problem myself by having them switch my account to a new unactivated gsmt sim. This was how I learned that MVNE Plintron was actually calling the shots because my new sim was branded “Plintron” rather than RP.

  15. I’ve been with Red Pocket for about a year and a half on the Verizon network and we haven’t had any problems with them using our Galaxy phones. I just bought a phone that can use two sim cards at once and I used an ATT sim and a Verizon sim at the same time and Verizon is definitely superior in Southern Utah. Whenever I need help I always pull up the online chat and my issues always get resolved. I go through online chat when I activate a new phone too. They’ve been the best carrier I’ve had and I’ve tried Rok mobile, Straight Talk, TPO and Ting.

  16. First agent I conversed with did suggest the idea of sending me another GSMA SIM card and then revisit activating my port from Verizon to my V20, then put back my initial CDMA SIM to complete the port using the CDMA SIM. But a day or two later I called back and then Danielle simply ported and activated the CDMA SIM on her side. Danielle is the EXPERT! The goddess! Hail, Danielle!*

  17. I am reading this the day after having the same issues but with my Google Pixel 3a XL. The customer service at Red Pocket is a real problem. I called on Saturday and spent two hours with one customer service rep, who, in the end, announced to me, “your phone is not compatible with this sim card.” The sim was a CDMA for Verizon. I found that odd since Verizon was the only carrier that actually sells Pixels. Additionally, my phone was purchased on Amazon and was unlocked. My mother had an issue with Red Pocket and was told the same thing: “your phone is not compatible with this sim.” She called the next day and that customer service person resolved the issue in 5 minutes.

    I followed her lead. I called the next day. My Red Pocket customer service person reviewed my previous interaction, and two minutes later had me turn off “Advanced Calling” in my network settings. I called the number, pressed “1” for English and my service was activated. An easy fix. The problem was I spent two hours the day before on an incredibly frustrating call, which concluded by saying, “oh it’s your fault for getting a sim they won’t work on your phone.” And that customer service person was simply wrong. Very frustrating.

    1. Hello Preston:
      I just joined RPM with a Pixel 4 xl . Set up went well but APN was not working well at all. When some one tried to call me two rings and auto went to Voice Mail. At the moment its turned off until I figure out what to do next.
      I learned AT&T limits MMS to 600K , I have been blaming my phone for not sending text pictures. You cant do much with 600K hope AT&T rethinks this problem or I’m down the road.

  18. I had great experience with annual red pocket deal works great easy to activate.Bought second plan for my wife she loves it. Now my son who is a lecturer in a university bought the same plan. He likes it too.

  19. After a minor set-up problem on one phone have been using on two Moto E5 plus for a year on ATT network. So far service identical to our experience with ATT via Cricket and just renewed for a second year. Have the 5G ebay plan.

  20. They will give new phone numbers to multiple customers in order to increase revenue. That is weird to me, since I of course discovered it within a month of having the service (the guy who was receiving my friends’ texts and calls finally got ahold of one of my friends). When I tried to call them and figure out what they were up to, I got nowhere. NO customer service, none! It’s cheap for a reason. Avoid this company and go with someone reputable.

  21. I have activated Annual 5GB plans on a Moto G6 (Sept 2019) and iPhone 11 (Feb 2020) on AT&T network with one minor issue encountered in the Activation process. (When the number transfer process asks for “password,” it is asking for the account PIN at the current carrier.)

    Full iPhone support is relatively recent, and appears to be working well but requires recent versions of IOS, and may require newer devices for Hotspot to work. Hotspot works on the iPhone 11. It would not work on an iPhone 7 Plus I used temporarily. (Both at the same revision of iOS & APN settings.)

    I have had problems sending MMS photos from an iPhone 11 on RedPocket AT&T to a Pixel 3a on Verizon, but this appears to have been a temporary issue encountered by AT&T Prepay Customers, too.

    Service appears to be rebranded AT&T Prepay. Many system Texts still are branded AT&T.

    SMS/MMS direct emails are and

    Coverage appears to be identical to Cricket along the Colorado Front Range, Foothills, and in CO Ski Areas.

  22. Good article reflecting my experience. Had no trouble activating on T-Mobile (GSMT in Red Pocket parlance). Verizon (CDMAV in Red Pocket lingo), however was a different matter. Very painful. I’ve made the call on both as listed (not necessary on GSM I believe, in spite of their claim it’s very importnat). They need to differentiate — very important to make the first call for CDMA, or maybe only CDMAV? Customer service not helpful either. They seem to have no clue. They should have known there are problems activating on CDMAV, and be able to help. Instead, they claimed my phone isn’t unlocked. Since I had my Red Pocket GSMT card, I tried it and it worked. Coming from AT&T, that meant to me the phone is unlocked. Not according to Red Pocket Customer Service. To them it meant it was GSM unlocked, but not CDMA unlocked. Baloney! How can somebody working in the field make such claims?! If they were trained they should have known all I needed to do is make that call and press 1 (haven’t tried 2). They’ve asked me to call Apple and confirm it’s unlocked (always passing the buck). So I called AT&T, they had no idea there were two types of “unlocked” but confirmed the phone was unlocked. Same thing with Apple. Same with Verizon. I realized I was on my own, all RP CSR offered was to ship a T-Mobile SIM (GSMT). They should have known that if my CDMAV SIM card allows me to only use SMS, it means I had to make that darn call and select 1. I had made a call to a known non-VoIP number before, but I was greeted by a Verizon message and thought there was a problem right there, so I hung up without pressing 1. Big mistake. At some point I’ve made another call, didn’t get the Verizon greeting any longer, so I pressed 1. Bingo! Voice and data started working.

    There is one important detail that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere. When you activate on GSMT (T-Mobile), your phone will list the carrier as Red Pocket. When activating on CDMAV (Verizon), it will show Verizon. To me, that meant there was a problem. I’ve asked them multiple times, and eventually one of them answered it should show Red Pocket, not Verizon. Not true! Even after service started working following that first voice call, it still shows Verizon as the carrier. I actually prefer that, it’s more honest than saying Red Pocket which is just the middle man.

    The other thing to be careful about that I haven’t seen mentioned is the timing of your switching carriers. Most of them will charge you for the full month of service after you switch, no prorating. For me this was a $105 loss. I was fortunate enough to complete porting quickly (hours), and call AT&T about the unlock issue on the first day of my billing cycle. They had a grace period for a grand total of 1 day, and hence they agreed to prorate my bill limiting my losses to a couple of dollars for the benefit of being listed as their customer for 1 day. Make sure to start porting your number at least a couple of days before the end of your billing cycle, better off one week, just to be sure you don’t run into the next month.

    There might be alleviating solutions to this problem, but I don’t know if they’d work. I was planning on calling AT&T and switch to a cheaper plan for that last unused month. Not sure if it would have worked. But AT&T blissfully lets you sit on an old (more expensive) plan until you notice there are better options out there. They’ve got to pay for the expensive purchases they’ve made recently (DirecTV anyone?). That includes overcharging customers, reducing spending on HW and customer service, and increasing spending on marketing and advertising. You’ve got to love the MBAs that are destroying the American economy!

    Anyway, those are my two cents worth. Red Pocket has outstanding prices compared to what I used to pay, and coupled with free international calling to over 70 countries to differentiate itself from other MVNOs, it’s a great value (assuming the service works). Microsoft Skype charged me $7/month for unlimited international calls (which I considered a good value), while AT&T charged me $3/min of international calling (!!!!) in the age of VoIP. Seriously, AT&T? By comparison, Red Pocket puts them to shame with 500 minutes of international calling plus 500 SMS plus 500 MB for $10/month.

  23. AVOID RED POCKET if you are looking for “Unlimited” plans

    I’ve been using Red Pocket for around 4 months on their AT&T side of the network. Last month, decided to upgrade to their 60$ “unlimited” plan. Setup was extremely easy via their website.

    10 days into the cycle, I noticed terribly slow speeds. Went to Red Pocket’s website chat for Customer Service. In my conversation with the rep, she mentioned that I had gone over the data cap, but that their policy doesn’t allow her to tell me what that cap is. I’m not torrenting or anything. Zoom calls, some streaming in the evening but mostly moderate usage. Not abusing by any stretch.

    While still on with CS chat, decided to Google “red pocket mobile data cap” and it returned in big font 30GB, and a link to Red Pocket’s terms and conditions. Some secret. My bad for not reading the terms thoroughly. I’m not sure how I hit 30 GB in 11 days, maybe I did. But the thing that annoyed was that the CS rep added “and we have an absurdly high cap”. 30 GB is NOT “absurdly” above the 22GB AT&T wireless offers and under others like TMobile’s 50GB cap. Additionally, those carriers say they reserve the right to slow speeds at those caps. But you may get away with more. Red Pocket’s is a hard cap and you WILL be slowed. 60$ per month is not a tremendous deal, as the top 3 carriers offer better options for cheaper, often their prepaid branches do as well. Which brings me to what I’ve found instead of Red Pocket.

    If you’re looking for a better option and have decent Verizon access in your area, I’d suggest Visible. Their service also comes full verizon speed on the phone and a 5MBps hotspot included for 20$ cheaper per month (first month is 25$, then 40$ per month). I’ve recently updated 2 Windows computers with large Windows updates (10GB+ as well as the same Zoom meetings etc for 2 weeks. No slowdown at all. Can’t find any information where Visible even has a cap. If I did 30GB in 10 days with Red Pocket, then I’ve easily done 70GB with Visible.

    Your situation/needs may differ, but for 40$ (20$ cheaper than Red Pocket), I’ll take the hotspot as an added perk on top of the much better data cap. Liked it so much, got my wife a line and that reduced our price to 35$ per month each. So for 10$ total more per month, I’ve got 2 unlimited lines with hotspots instead of 1 disappointing line of Red Pocket.

  24. I just applied my codes and i had over 2 months left on current plan, which now I’m told I lost ?

    This is a complete rip off !

    I previously paid for a years service and just bought another years service and now lost several months. I should not lose months that I paid for.
    Redpocket is secretly ripping off customers.

      1. If you apply a pin for a *new* plan on an existing number, RP immediately cancels the old plan and begins the new one. If you apply a pin for an identical plan to what you already have, the new plan will begin the day after the old plan expires. RP does not make this clear. The customer service reps are very limited in the options they have to resolve issues. They can’t fix this once you’ve made the mistake.

  25. Stay away from Red Pocket Mobile .. Had a very bad experience with them . My service cut off within 4 days and they could not seem to fix it and kept stalling me . They have a 7 day refund and all i got was an incoming call out of the whole 4 days that the service was not working correctly and they would not give me my $20.00 back. They gave me a very hard time so i had to go to my credit card company to file a dispute to get my money back . I got my money back in few days and then i filed a complaint with the FCC and Consumer Complaints Dept . The chat agents are not qualified to fix issues . The keep telling you to wait 24 to 48 hours to escalate the issues . They have a real habit of telling people to keep restarting their device and taking the sim out and they lie and tell you that they updated your phone in their system . Not good at all .

  26. Red Pocket was great when getting a new phone # to test the service, but porting over a # has not been the easiest. I received a text message on my phone saying the # was ported over. I called RP and they said it’s not completed yet and it call back on 2 hours. I called back and they said it’s still porting over and will be completed in 2 more hours. I hope this goes successfully.

  27. My LTE was clocking in at under 1 Mbps most days (with barely any data usage so no reason to be slowed), and poor cell reception with no call over wifi option on Verizon service. The worst was when I wanted to port out. After 15 hours and nothing getting done, I had to follow up with them myself. I’ve ported that number many times never had to do more than give new provider acct info and pin, which I did and Red Pocket did NOTHING! So only sign up if you never want to leave and are always on wifi.

  28. AT&T MVNO, good coverage. I got caught by a 1/2 off first month special. By the time I realized this bait-and-switch, they wouldn’t shift my 2nd month plan. VERY pissed, not only by the higher cost but the schlocky hidden details that led me there via FB.

    There are plenty of offers and MVNOs. Make sure you know what you are getting into.

  29. Been using Tracfone ATT service (Net10 then Straightalk) for like a decade and though customer service calls were unpleasant, have not had any problem with their service. I tested Redpocket initially setting up a spare house phone using the cheapest annual Tmobile plan, and it worked as expected for 9 months. So I decided to go all in with Red Pocket and changed my test phone over to an ATT plan, plus bought 2 more premium annual plans; and ATT and Verizon. The Verizon was extremely wobbly getting set up initially on a Pixel 3a, but has been stable with no issue for the last 3-4 months. But both ATT plans have been a nightmare from jumpstreet. Same wobbly initial setup problems I had with the Verizon line, but also have to call at least once per month because something randomly stops working, almost like they lose some random aspect of the provisioning every single month. Why can Tracfone have zero issues doing the same thing? Redpocket customer support always inevitably fixes the problem, but these same problems should not continue happening over and over. They have some serious problems with their system and processes.

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