T-Mobile MVNOs List

Many mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) run over T-Mobile’s network. In many cases, these carriers offer wireless plans that are far less expensive than similar plans offered directly by T-Mobile.

List of T-Mobile MVNOs

Mint MobileMint is owned by Ultra Mobile.
U.S. Mobile
T-Mobile Prepaid
Metro by T-Mobile
Consumer Cellular
Ultra Mobile
Google FiFi-enabled devices can simultaneously access T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular's networks. Other device will use only T-Mobile's network.
Red Pocket Mobile
SpeedTalk Mobile

Downsides to T-Mobile MVNOs

Subscribers using T-Mobile-based MVNOs may be prioritized behind some direct T-Mobile subscribers. Accordingly, customers using MVNOs may experience especially slow data speeds during periods of network congestion.

Subscribers on MVNO’s that use T-Mobile’s network may not have the same roaming capabilities that many of T-Mobile’s direct subscribers have.


Some of the MVNO’s listed above offer service over multiple networks, not only T-Mobile. The list also includes some carriers that may not strictly qualify as MVNOs; T-Mobile’s own prepaid brand and T-Mobile’s flanker brand, Metro, appear on the list.