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Visible Will Lock Phones For 60 Days

On Friday, Verizon’s flanker brand Visible announced that it will lock phones customers purchase from its online store for sixty days. Phones will automatically unlock after sixty days of service with Visible.

The announcement mentioned an exemption to the rules for members of the military. While Visible suggests customers can make international calls while a phone is locked, rules around international roaming aren’t made explicit:

Locked devices will still work as normal on Visible, and will still be able to make calls internationally to Canada, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. And for those serving in the military, Visible will be able to unlock devices before the 60 day period if you are being deployed outside of the Visible service area.
I’m inclined to think Visible’s locked phones won’t work by default with international carriers.

My take

The updates to Visible’s policy are reasonable. Without the policy change, Visible would be at higher risk of people taking advantage of promotions that incentivize new customers. Before Friday’s announcement, I think Visible only locked phones customers acquired through the carrier’s swap program.

7 thoughts to “Visible Will Lock Phones For 60 Days”

  1. How can you lock a phone for 60 days have purchased fully paid with my credit card and you people have confirmed my payment this is poor if the person has fully paid In full the phone us to be unlocked so that I can still use my carrier am using damn this is poor and not the right way

    1. Likewise, I bought a phone through Visible, paid cash. I immediately tried to sign my wife up for Visible and it was like a living nightmare to get this done. After several days of trying I gave up. I then realized that any service from this carrier is going to be a problem. I then tried to cancel my phone service and they told me that if I cancelled my service (deactivated) before the 60 lock period it would remain locked. 1st let me say that Visible advertises no contracts but if you buy a phone through them you are basically under a 60 minimum contract. This is simply the most unprofessional thing that I have ever experienced and dealing with this company has cost me money and time. I would highly advise anyone considering their service to realize what you are getting into.

      1. I had the exact situation with my wife’s phone. Now I have a useless phone for 60 days. Fortunately I had another old phone that still works with Verizon for use in the interum.

  2. This is not a unreasonable policy. It is the same as Verizon’s Carriers like at&t lock their phones for 6 months. It doesn’t matter if you pay it off or not.

  3. I’ve been with visible for 3 months. I bought their phone, but after a month I chose to use my iPhone. Now they won’t unlock my phone because the phone I purchased from them was not the phone I used for 60 days. Insane. If this does not get resolved I will go to the FCC

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