T-Mobile Plans

2023 Update: This page is no longer kept up to date.

T-Mobile offers a variety of phone plans to meet different consumers needs and budgets. T-Mobile’s mass market plans are summarized below.

Postpaid Unlimited Plans

  • Magenta MAX
  • Magenta
  • Essentials

These plans start at $60-$85 per month for single-line customers. On multi-line plans, the price per line falls. Subscribers with 5 lines pay $24-40 each month. I cover these plans in more detail elsewhere.

Mainstream Prepaid Plans

All of these plans include unlimited minutes and texts. Data allotments vary.

  • 10GB Plan
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited Plus

In general, these plans are cheaper than the postpaid plans. However, the postpaid plans can be a better deal for large families. As was the case with the postpaid plans, the cost per line drops as more lines are added to a prepaid family plan.

T-Mobile Connect

T-Mobile launched its Connect plans largely to appease regulators overseeing the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint. While T-Mobile doesn’t market these plans heavily, I’m a huge fan. Both Connect plans include unlimited calls and texts. A 2.5GB per month plan is $15 per month. A 5.5GB plan comes in at $25 per month. T-Mobile plans to increase the data allotment by 0.5GB each year for the next few years (without raising prices).

Other Plans On T-Mobile’s Network

On another page, I share a long list of carriers on T-Mobile’s network. In many cases, these carriers offer service that’s cheaper than service offered directly by T-Mobile.

I’m especially a fan of Mint Mobile. All of Mint’s plans include unlimited calls and texts. Data allotments vary by plan. Here’s a quick breakdown of Mint’s offerings and the best cost per month on each plan:

  • 4GB – $15
  • 10GB – $20
  • 15GB – $25
  • Unlimited (really 35GB) – $30

The rates listed above are available for new customers or customers that purchase a year of service upfront. Rates are higher for customers that don’t pay for as many months upfront.