What Phones Work With Xfinity Mobile?

This page hasn’t been updated for a while. Information may be out of date.

Potential Xfinity Mobile subscribers can either buy a phone through Xfiniy Mobile’s online store or bring an eligible device with Xfinity Mobile’s BYOD program.

Xfinity Mobile’s store offers about two dozen phones, including many popular devices. Potential Xfinity Mobile subscribers may also be able to take advantage of the carrier’s bring-your-own-device program. However, Xfinity Mobile is more restrictive about its bring-your-own-device program than many other carriers. At the moment, only some unlocked iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel phones are eligible. I share a more detailed list of eligible phones on another page. You can check whether a specific phone is eligible for the program using the compatibility tool On Xfinity Mobile’s website.

Mismatches between the store and BYOD program

In many cases, phones offered through Xfinity Mobile’s store are not eligible for the carrier’s BYOD program. For example, Motorola sells the Motorola Moto E6, but no versions of that phone are eligible for the BYOD program.