Wave2Wave Announces New Partnership

May 22, 2019

While at the Big 5G Event, I met with David Wang, CEO of Wave2Wave Solution. At Wave2Wave’s booth, the company was highlighting its Robotic Optical Management Engine (ROME) product, a robotic solution for optical switching.

Wang and others at Wave2Wave demoed the ROME for me. The product is capable of precisely connecting and disconnecting fiber optic cables based on instructions sent via Wave2Wave’s Forum software (props to Wave2Wave for the phenomenal combination of product names).

Conventionally, the rewiring the ROME is capable of would have to be done manually by a technician. Dispatching a technician involves substantial expenses, takes time, and can introduce human error. With the ROME, switching can occur in a nearly instantaneous and automated fashion. While the physical layer is typically relatively static, the ROME allows the structure of the physical layer to be efficiently adjusted via software-defined networking.

Last Monday, April 13, Wave2Wave announced a partnership with two Japanese companies: NTT Advanced Technology and Hakuto Co. Ltd. The partnership granted the companies the rights to distribute the portfolio of ROME products (full press release here). In the release, Wang is quoted explaining:

We are excited to join hands with NTT-AT and Hakuto as ROME quickly expands its footprint in the Japanese market. This partnership enables Wave2Wave with local sales and support services while we are accelerating the delivery of solutions to the end customers and channel partners.

Details about the ROME product line and technical specifications can be found on Wave2Wave’s website.

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