Comparison of T-Mobile’s Prepaid Unlimited Plans

Last updated: 4/14/2020

T-Mobile offers two prepaid, unlimited plans: a regular Unlimited plan and an Unlimited Plus plan. Both plans are similar and offer unlimited data, minutes, and texts. The plans differ in their prices and mobile hotspot features.


Regardless of the number of lines on an account, Unlimited Plus accounts are $10 more expensive each month.

LinesUnlimitedUnlimited Plus

The prices above do not include taxes or fees.

Mobile hotspot

The base Unlimited plan allows unlimited mobile hotspot and tethering at what T-Mobile calls “3G speeds.”1 The Unlimited Plus plan comes with an allotment of 10GB of full-speed LTE, hotspot data. If subscribers on the Unlimited Plus plan burn through that allotment, they can continue to use more mobile hotspot data at 3G speeds.


  1. I’m not aware of T-Mobile ever explicitly explaining what “3G speeds” amount to. My guess is that speeds will be throttled to roughly 0.5Mbps.