Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi calling allows calls to be initiated over a phone’s Wi-Fi connection rather than a phone’s cellular connection. The feature is particularly useful in indoor locations where cellular signals are weak and Wi-Fi connections are available.

Wi-Fi calling compatibility

To use Wi-Fi calling, you’ll need both (a) a compatible device and (b) a phone plan that permits Wi-Fi calling. Most phones released in the last several years are compatible with Wi-Fi calling. Large carriers usually support Wi-Fi calling, but small carriers often don’t.

Billing for minutes

Not all carriers bill for Wi-Fi calling in the same way. Some carriers don’t charge for minutes used while Wi-Fi calling. Others treat minutes used while Wi-Fi calling like regular minutes.

International use

If you’re traveling internationally, Wi-Fi calling may be used to avoid international roaming charges. If you’re subscribed to a U.S. carrier and place a call over Wi-Fi from an international location to a U.S. number, most carriers will treat that like a call placed from one U.S. number to another U.S. number.

Wi-Fi texting

When Wi-Fi calling is possible, Wi-Fi texting is usually available as well. Support for MMS messages (pictures and group conversations) is not universal.

Turning Wi-Fi calling on and off

Android 10

  • Tap the “Settings” icon
  • Tap “Network & internet”
  • Tap “Mobile network”
  • Tap “Advanced”
  • Tap “Wi-Fi calling”
  • Toggle the feature on or off

iOS 13

  • Tap the “Settings” icon
  • Scroll down & tap “Phone”
  • Tap “Wi-Fi Calling”
  • Toggle “Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone”

The first time you turn on Wi-Fi calling, you may be prompted to enter some information about where you live. Emergency services may use that information if you call 911 over Wi-Fi.


When both a Wi-Fi connection and a cellular connection are available, phones will route calls over one connection or the other. This routing may be determined based on the strength of each connection.

If you find that calls are not going over the connection you want them to, you may need to adjust your settings. On Android phones, you can set a preference between Wi-Fi calling and cellular calling. On most phones, you can force calls to use a certain connection by disabling cellular access or turning off Wi-Fi.