Verizon’s Auto Pay & Paper-Free Billing Discounts Explained

Verizon offers a discount on many of its plans for customers that enroll in automatic payments and/or paper-free billing.

Postpaid discounts

On many of Verizon’s postpaid plans, a $10 per month discount on each line is available for customers the enroll in both Auto Pay and paper-free billing. Customers can opt into Auto Pay and paper-free billing at any time. For new customers ordering online, I recommend enrolling in paper-free billing by marking the box during the checkout process.

Screenshot of checkbox during checkout offering paper-free billing

Auto Pay can be joined from the “Payment Settings” section of your Verizon account.

Screenshot of Verizon's Auto Pay enrollment

Note that the Auto Pay discount isn’t typically available to customers that pay with a credit card (debit cards are eligible):1

You must use a debit card, checking account or the Verizon Visa® Card as your payment method to receive the discount – other credit cards are not eligible.

Prepaid discounts

Many of Verizon’s prepaid plans are eligible for a $5 per month discount on each line enrolled in Auto Pay. Verizon doesn’t send a regular bill to prepaid customers, so there’s no option to enroll in paper-free billing.

The Auto Pay discount does not apply to the first month of service. No Auto Pay discount is available on Verizon’s prepaid, 1GB plan.


  1. The excerpt was taken from Verizon’s website on 6/13/2020.