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Verizon Unlimited Ultimate Vs. Unlimited Plus

Verizon’s Unlimited Ultimate plan costs $10 per month more than the Unlimited Plus plan and comes with a few additional features:

  • Way better international roaming access
  • 60GB mobile hotspot data (instead of 30GB)
  • Eligibility for a second connected device plan discount
  • Better device discounts (allegedly)

International Roaming

The Unlimited Ultimate plan comes with extremely permissive international roaming features. Subscribers are eligible for unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 10GB per month of data in almost every country worldwide.

Unlimited Plus plan subscribers that want service internationally may opt for Verizon’s TravelPasses instead. The cost of these passes can add up during long trips.

Connected Device Discounts

Subscribers on the Unlimited Plus plan are eligible for one discount for a plan on a connected device (e.g., a smartwatch or a tablet). Typically, this plan is good for 50% off a basic service plan. On certain high-cost hotspot plans, the discount morphs to a flat $20 off the monthly rate.

Unlimited Ultimate subscribers can use the discount on up to two connected device plans.

Device Discounts

Verizon suggests subscribers on the Unlimited Ultimate plan are eligible for better discounts on new smartphones. I haven’t seen this perk spelled out in the level of detail I’d like.