I Was Wrong

I’d like to avoid hiding my mistakes and downplaying my errors. This page is a log of times I was wrong. It’s inspired by the mistakes page of my former employer, GiveWell.

Post About T-Mobile’s 100GB Hotspot Plan

In March of 2021, I published a blog post criticizing T-Mobile for ceasing to offer a 100GB hotspot plan just a few months after the company drew a ton of attention to the plan’s launch. My post had serious issues.

I didn’t adequately distinguish between a prepaid version of the plan that was no longer available and a postpaid version of the plan that remained available. I also, likely incorrectly, suggested subscribers who already signed up for the plan would not be grandfathered.

In the post, I quoted a Twitter user who said a T-Mobile support agent told him subscribers would not be grandfathered. While I expect the Twitter user accurately reported what he heard from a T-Mobile agent, I shouldn’t have taken the information at face value. I’ve been involved in the cellular industry long enough to know that support reps regularly give inaccurate information about carriers’ policies.