Mint Mobile Rumored To Be Considering Sale To Altice USA

An article published by the New York Posts relies on an unnamed source to suggest Mint Mobile is looking for a buyer. Mint allegedly hopes to sell for the better part of a billion dollars. Altice USA, the company behind Optimum Mobile, is rumored to be the most likely acquirer:

Mint is shopping itself and could sell for as much as $600 million to $800 million, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation. Altice USA, which owns cable, phone, internet, and wireless services, is said to be the lead buyer, although it’s unclear whether it will end up closing a deal.

I believe the rumor is true. I’m not sure it’s good news for Mint customers. There’s a lot to like about Mint’s business model and price structure. Things often change significantly when a carrier is acquired. However, given Mint’s solid growth, it’s possible an acquirer would be content to let Mint continue on its current path.

Actor Ryan Reynolds will make a good chunk of change if a deal goes through. The source behind the New York Post article suggests Reynolds owns 20-25% of the business.

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Altice Mobile Rebranding To Optimum Mobile

In a press release today, Altice USA announced that Altice Mobile will rebrand as Optimum Mobile. The change is slotted to take place this Sunday, July 25.

It looks like the rebrand is part of a broader effort to consolidate Altice USA’s businesses under the Optimum name:

This transition represents the first step in the Company’s plan to align its brands under one national Optimum brand, representing a commitment to delivering a consistent and reliable connectivity experience to all customers.

While I’ve been critical of some of the marketing behind Altice Mobile, I expect Alice/Optimum Mobile’s subscriber base will continue to see significant growth.