Known Limitations

Coverage Maps:

  • Coverage is not shown within hexes that fall on state borders
  • Alaska is not included in the default coverage map (coming soon).
  • Some networks report coverage more reliably than others. Coverage Critic makes rough corrections for the major networks, but there’s room for improvement.
  • Reported coverage is taken at face value for Dish and US Cellular (accuracy adjustments coming in future versions)

Network Scoring:

  • Networks vary in congestion levels. This is not adequately accounted for. Verizon would probably not score quite as well if the model adequately captured the consequences of congestion.
  • The FCC data used for scoring networks is significantly out of date. Coverage Critic will soon move to a different approach that uses newer data.
  • T-Mobile’s network has improved substantially in the last few years. This is not adequately captured (but hopefully will be soon).
  • Numerical 0 to 10 scores are hard to interpret in concrete terms.