How Much Are Verizon’s Taxes and Fees?

Taxes and fees with Verizon can be estimated using the company’s Tax and Surcharge Estimator.

Since taxes and fees vary by location, you’ll need to give Verizon’s tool your address. Some taxes and fees will be assessed as a flat, dollar amount. Other charges will be assessed as a percentage of your bill (or a portion of your bill).1

Example charges

Below, I shared the charges Verizon’s tool listed for me as a resident of Boulder, Colorado.

Verizon Wireless surcharges

  • Administrative Charge – $1.78
  • Regulatory Charge – $0.15
  • Colorado High Cost Fund Surcharge – 2.0015%
  • Federal Universal Service Charge – 5.6742%

Taxes, government surcharges, and fees

Taxes, government surcharges, and fees charged on a percentage basis came out to a total of 8.845% plus $0.81. That was composed of the following charges:

  • Colorado state sales tax
  • Boulder County sales tax
  • Boulder city sales tax
  • Special Purpose District taxes
  • Boulder Country 911 surcharge
  • Colorado telecom relay service surcharge


  1. As of 4/17/2020, Verizon’s website noted:
    “This estimate may differ from what appears on your bill because some taxes and surcharges apply to only a portion of your monthly charges, depending on your plan, features and device.”