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Cell Phone Coverage In Spokane

All three major networks are expected to offer good cell coverage in Spokane. Check coverage at your location with the map below.

Recommended Low-Cost Carriers In Spokane

US Mobile
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Spokane Coverage Maps

Coverage maps draw on data from the FCC's Broadband Data Collection and Coverage Critic's crowdsourcing.

Coverage maps draw on data from the FCC's Broadband Data Collection and Coverage Critic's crowdsourcing.

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4G LTE & 5G Coverage In Spokane

The table below shows the proportion of Spokane with coverage from different cellular technologies.
Network4G Coverage5G Coverage
Don't be alarmed by Dish's lack of 4G coverage in Spokane. Dish has a newly-built network that's 5G-only.

US Cellular And Dish Roaming Coverage

US Cellular does not have native coverage in Spokane. However, some US Cellular subscribers may still have coverage in Spokane thanks to roaming agreements.

Millimeter Wave 5G

Parts of Spokane have millimeter wave 5G coverage. This novel celluar technology offers extremely fast speeds, but the coverage potential is limited. Millimeter waves aren't well-suited for traveling long distances.

Network Millimeter Wave
AT&T ?
T-Mobile ?

Millimeter wave coverage in Spokane is likely sparse (mostly limited to dense, outdoor areas like popular parks or sports stadiums).

Spokane Cell Signal Strength

There are 1,859 map hexes within the census-defined boundaries of Spokane. The table below shows the proportion of hexes at various levels of signal strength. Where both 4G and 5G coverage is available, data is drawn from whichever technology offers a stronger signal.


For most purposes, decent signals are perfectly sufficient. Weak or non-existent signals cause far greater degradation in user experience.

Crowdsourced Coverage Data In Spokane

Coverage Critic has 34,620 crowdsourced data points from 864 map hexes within the boundaries of Spokane. Data is available for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

NetworkUnique HexesTotal Observations

Click here to toggle to the map's crowdsourced data layer.

Washington State-Wide Coverage Scores

Network Coverage Score
Verizon 8.6 / 10
AT&T 8.6 / 10
T-Mobile 8.1 / 10

Data Confidence

The coverage information for Spokane is rated as medium-high confidence. Documentation is available elsewhere covering limitations of Coverage Critic's approach.

Last updated: February 27, 2024