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Visible’s 5G – Coverage Maps, Speeds, Compatible Devices

This page is old. See Visible Coverage Maps for more recent information and interactive coverage maps.

Verizon’s flanker brand, Visible, includes 5G service at no extra charge. At this time, only devices in the iPhone 12 line can access Visible’s 5G service. Support for some 5G-capable Android phones is coming soon. While it looks like Visible subscribers will have access to both Verizon’s sub-6 and millimeter wave 5G (see coverage map), the carrier suggests speeds will be capped at a maximum of 200Mbps.

Visible 5G coverage map

Visible shares an interactive coverage map on its website. Areas with 5G coverage are shaded in dark blue, while a lighter shade appears for areas that are only covered by 4G LTE service.

Visible 5G coverage map screenshot

Visible’s map does not specifically indicate areas where millimeter wave coverage is available. More details about Verizon’s 5G network, including a list of cities where millimeter wave 5G is available, can be found on my dedicated page about Verizon’s 5G.

Device compatibility

At the moment, only phones in the iPhone 12 line running iOS 14.3 or later can access 5G service from Visible.1

While I don’t know when Visible will offer support for 5G-capable Android phones, I’m guessing it will come in the next few months. The carrier has already been selling several 5G-capable Android phones in its online store.

5G speed caps

Visible’s 5G Q&A page suggests the carrier will limit speeds with 5G service to 200Mbps.

We believe that people deserve an incredible experience, which is why we’re including 5G, with speeds up to 200 Mbps, to our core plan without adding a single cent to your monthly cost.

I confirmed whether Visible is enforcing the 200Mbps cap.


  1. Even subscribers with compatible devices may experience some issues. I’ve heard one report from a subscriber who had an iPhone 12 with iOS and iOS 14.3 who still couldn’t access Visible’s 5G.