Visible Coverage: Maps & More

The information on this page is no longer up-to-date. See Visible Coverage Maps for better maps and more recent information.

Visible is owned by Verizon and offers nearly the same coverage that Verizon offers its own subscribers. You can find an interactive map of Visible’s coverage on the carrier’s website. Here’s a snapshot:1

Visible Coverage
Dark blue marks areas with Verizon’s 5G Nationwide service. Lighter blue shading indicates areas covered by Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a screenshot where the map’s legend and search box weren’t in the way. You can get a less obstructed view on Visible’s website.

Visible’s coverage map is extremely similar to Verizon’s own coverage map:

Verizon coverage map

If you’re considering joining Visible, I suggest either zooming in on Visible’s map or entering your address in the search box to get more granular information about Visible’s coverage where you live. Here’s an example of what the map looks like when zoomed in on Denver, CO:

Example Visible coverage in Denver

Visible’s coverage vs. the competition

Verizon leads the nation in coverage. Verizon consistently wins top marks for coverage from RootMetrics, the company that I think does the best job evaluating coverage at the national level. Since Visible runs over Verizon’s network, Visible subscribers can generally expect excellent coverage despite Visible’s relatively low cost.

Data priority

While Visible subscribers get nearly the same coverage that Verizon’s own subscribers experience, there may be differences in data priority. Verizon often includes an allotment of high-priority data with its premium plans.2 When Verizon’s subscribers have high-priority data available, they may experience fewer adverse effects from congestion than other users on the network. Visible subscribers don’t receive high-priority data. However, data priority only matters when cell sites are congested. When Verizon’s network is not congested, Visible subscribers will typically experience data speeds on par with speeds experienced by subscribers on Verizon’s premium plans.


  1. The snapshot was taken from Visible’s coverage page on 1/21/2021.
  2. Regular data use with Visible appears to be associated with a QCI of 9. Verizon’s premium plans typically allow at least some data use associated with a QCI of 8.
    To learn more about the meaning of QCI values, take a look at my dedicated article. Separately, I have a page that goes into more details about prioritization policies on Verizon’s network.