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Verizon Coverage Map

Verizon and AT&T are the leading US networks by area covered. T-Mobile comes in a distant third place.

Depending on how you slice the data, AT&T can come out slightly ahead of Verizon in square miles covered. However, most people in the US will find Verizon offers a more comprehensive coverage experience. There are exceptions though—for example, AT&T has a significant edge in Alaska.

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Verizon 5G Coverage

While T-Mobile lags behind Verizon in area covered, it the network offers more 5G coverage than Verizon. To check 5G coverage ">switch to the 5G map and search for your location.

Crowdsourced Verizon Coverage

From the map's settings menu, you can toggle over to the crowdsourced coverage map for Verizon. This map draws on on-the-ground data collected on roadways throughout the US. Coverage data may be spare in rural areas. More data is available in large cities.