Visible Coverage Maps

Visible is owned by Verizon and offers nearly the same coverage that Verizon offers its own subscribers. With Verizon offering the most coverage of any network in the US, Visible subscribers will generally experience good coverage in most places.

You can check Visible’s coverage with the maps that follow. If you enter a location in the box below, the maps will re-center to the selected location.

Darker shades indicate stronger signal strength and better coverage. White marks areas where Visible is not expected to offer coverage.

Visible Coverage Map – 4G & 5G

Both 4G and 5G coverage are shown below. Maps showing only Visible’s 5G coverage and only Visible’s 4G coverage are also available.

Visible 5G Map

High-performance, Ultra Wideband 5G covers about 200 million Americans. Visible’s 5G service using lower frequency signals that don’t deliver the same level of performance covers significantly more people.

Although Visible’s 5G covers the majority of Americans at their homes, Visible’s 5G still covers far less than 50% of the US by land area.

Visible 4G LTE Map

By land area, Visible offers more 4G LTE coverage than 5G coverage. However, the gap between Visible’s 5G coverage area and Visible’s 4G coverage area is fading as Verizon expands its 5G network.

Visible Coverage Vs. AT&T Coverage

Visible’s coverage area is probably larger than AT&T’s coverage area, but the difference is not a pronounced as it was a few years ago. AT&T has gradually been narrowing the gap between its coverage area and Verizon’s coverage area.

Visible Coverage Vs. T-Mobile Coverage

Visible offers a significantly larger coverage profile than T-Mobile. However, differences in coverage may be less stark in cities versus remote areas.

Visible’s Data Priority

While Visible subscribers have coverage that’s nearly equivalent to coverage on Verizon’s plans, differences in data priority can affect performance as well.

Data priority becomes relevant during periods of network congestion. Subscribers on Visibile’s premium plan, Visible+, get 50GB per month of high-priority data. Subscribers on Visible’s standard plan do not receive high-priority data.

Visible’s Primary Bands & Frequencies

Low-Band 5G

  • n5 (850MHz)

C-Band 5G

  • n77 (3700MHz)

Millimeter Wave 5G:

  • n260 (39GHz)
  • n261 (28GHz)