Xfinity Mobile Family Plans

Xfinity Mobile’s flexible plan structure gives lots of options to customers on family plans. Within a multi-line account, subscribers can mix and match lines between Xfinity’s two plan options:

  • By-the-gig plans: Xfinity Mobile’s by-the-gig plans come with unlimited minutes and texts. Subscribers pay a variable monthly price based on the total data use by all the by-the-gig lines on an account. 1GB of shared data costs $15 per month, 3GB costs $30 per month, and 10GB costs $60 per month.
  • Unlimited plans: Xfinity Mobile’s unlimited plan costs $45 per line each month and comes with unlimited minutes, texts, and data.1

Example family plan structures

Xfinity’s family plans can be a bit confusing. I share a few examples of plan structures and their monthly costs below. Note that I have not included taxes and fees in the prices mentioned.

Example A: 5 by-the-gig lines with 10GB of shared data

For a family plan with 5 by-the-gig lines and 10GB of shared data, the monthly cost would be only $60. That works out to only $12.50 per line.

Example B: 3 Unlimited lines

For a family plan with 3 lines on Xfinity Mobile’s unlimited plan, the monthly cost would be $135 ($45 * 3).

Example C: 1 Unlimited line and 3 lines with 3GB of shared data

Thanks to Xfinity Mobile’s mix and match feature, some lines can have unlimited data while other lines use the carrier’s unlimited plan. In this example, the unlimited line would cost $45 while the 3 by-the-gig lines would cost a total of $30. The final monthly price comes out to $75.

Ideal situations for Xfinity Mobile’s family plans

Xfinity Mobile’s family plans offer especially good value in situations where a large number of light data users can share a by-the-gig plan. E.g., the first example where 5 by-the-gig subscribers can get service for only $12.50 per line.

Xfinity Mobile’s family plans may also be a great option for families with some heavy data users and some light data users. Big carriers like AT&T and Verizon structure their plans in a manner that encourages these families to put everyone on expensive unlimited plans even though the unlimited plans are only necessary for heavy data users. Xfinity Mobile is atypical in allowing easy mixing between lines with unlimited data and lines with modest data allotments. With Xfinity Mobile, subscribers can put heavy data users on reasonably priced unlimited plans and light data users on exceptionally well-priced by-the-gig plans.


  1. Note that Xfinity Mobile throttles this plan’s data speeds to 1.5 Mbps for subscribers that exceed 20GB of data use in a single month. Speeds are only throttled while data use exceeds 20GB in a single month. Heavy data users will get another 20GB of unthrottled data each new month.