Verizon’s 5G Start Vs. 5G Do More

Verizon’s 5G Start plan and Verizon’s 5G Do More plan both come with unlimited minutes, texts, and on-device data.


No matter how many lines are on your plan, the 5G Do More plan costs $10 more per line each month than the 5G Start plan.

LinesStart UnlimitedDo More Unlimited

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Premium Data

Subscribers on the 5G Start plan will always have low priority during periods of network congestion. As a result, these subscribers may experience slow data speeds when the network is busy. Subscribers on the 5G Do More plan receive 50GB of what Verizon calls “Premium Data” each month. Subscribers that have not used up all of their premium data won’t experience reduced speeds relative to other users on the network during periods of congestion.

In most areas, serious network congestion is fairly rare. However, it can be frustrating for low-priority subscribers to use the internet during periods of congestion. Subscribers who value having the best connection at all times can benefit from the Premium Data allotment.

Hotspot Access

Verizon’s 5G Do More plan includes 15GB of regular-speed hotspot data. Verizon’s 5G Start plan comes with a more modest 5GB per month.

On either plan, subscribers who run out of their regular-speed data can use additional hotspot data at a reduced speed of 600Kbps.

Other Differences

The 5G Do More plan allows subscribers to get 50% off a Verizon tablet, smartwatch, HumX, or Jetpack (hotspot device) data plan. This perk is worth something if you take advantage of it but meaningless for most subscribers.

The 5G Do More plan also comes with 600GB of storage on Verizon Cloud. However, in my opinion, Verizon Cloud is nearly useless for most people. Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) already have good backup solutions.

My Take

Both Verizon’s 5G Do More and Verizon’s 5G Start plans are relatively expensive. For those wanting a premium experience, I think it’s usually worth the extra $10 per month to get the 5G Do More plan.

There are two situations where the 5G Start plan makes a lot of sense. In many cases, a whole family will get unlimited plans with Verizon even though only some of the family members care about having top-notch cell service. If your family is in this situation, it may make sense to put the family members who don’t care about having a top-notch wireless experience on the cheaper 5G Start plan. Additionally, people who want to be frugal can always begin with the 5G Start plan and only upgrade later if they find their experience with the 5G Start plan isn’t satisfactory.

Those looking to save money should also consider other plans. For those that don’t use mobile hotspot and don’t plan to mix and match across multiple plans on a family account, Verizon’s Welcome Unlimited plan is a bit cheaper than 5G Start. Verizon’s low-cost brand, Visible, also deserves consideration. Visible’s plans offer coverage on Verizon’s network with unlimited plans starting at only $25 per month.