Verizon Do More Unlimited Plan Review

Subscribers on Verizon’s Do More Unlimited plan will get coverage from the nation’s most reliable network and a large allotment of high-priority data. Subscribers on the plan are eligible for a 50% discount on some of Verizon’s connected device plans.

Those considering the Do More Unlimited plan may also want to consider Verizon’s Play More Unlimited plan. While the Play More plan does not include a discount on connected device plans, it includes access to more streaming services.

Key details

  • Unlimited minutes, texts, and data
  • 50GB of high-priority data each month
  • 15GB per month allotment of full-speed hotspot data
  • Video throttled to 480p or 720p
  • 50% discount on connected device plans

See the Do More Unlimited plan on Verizon’s website


Verizon has the most extensive coverage of any network in the United States. Do More Unlimited plan subscribers can look forward to an unmatched coverage experience. You can check coverage at your location with the interactive coverage map on Verizon’s website.


Speeds on the Do More Unlimited plan will vary depending on factors like a subscriber’s location and the device a subscriber uses. In most situations, speeds on the Do More Unlimited plan will be solid. While trialing the plan around Boulder, CO, I regularly found download speeds above 100Mbps. Here’s a screenshot from speed tests I ran:

Test results showing fast speeds


The Do More Unlimited plan comes with 50GB per month of what Verizon calls “Premium Data.” While subscribers have Premium Data available, they will have high priority data access. Most people will not come close to exceeding 50GB of data use in a single month. Subscribers that do use over 50GB of data in a month can continue to use additional data, but they may experience slower speeds than other users on the network during periods of congestion.

In the weeds on prioritization

While I had Premium Data available on my Do More Unlimited plan, I ran a test that found a QCI of 8. That result is consistent with what I expect for high-priority data on Verizon’s network.

Test showing a QCI of 8

Video throttling

By default, most video streaming on the Do More Unlimited plan is throttled to 480p (often called standard definition). I ran a test using the app Wehe to confirm the video throttling.

Wehe screenshot showing video being throttled

Subscribers can opt to reduce throttling to 720p (high-definition quality). Switching to 720p streaming doesn’t cost anything. Subscribers just need to change a setting in their My Verizon account.

Hotspot access

The Do More Unlimited plan comes with a 15GB allotment of high-speed mobile hotspot data. During my trial of the Do More Unlimited plan, I connected my laptop to a mobile hotspot and found solid speeds.

Fast speed test results

Connected device plan discount

Subscribers on the Do More Unlimited plan can get 50% off some add-on plans for connected devices. These plans are offered for tablets, HumX devices, smartwatches, and mobile hotspots.

Other perks

The Do More Unlimited plan comes with a few other perks:

  • 600GB of storage with Verizon Cloud
  • Disney+ access for six months
  • Apple Music access for six months

See the Do More Unlimited plan on Verizon’s website


Review background

I trialed the Do More Unlimited plan between July and September of 2020. For most of my trial, I used a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW.

Prior plan versions

On this page, I discuss the current Verizon of the Do More Unlimited plan. In August 2020, Verizon updated the structure of its unlimited plans but did not change the names of the plans or the prices of the plans. The old plans are not available to new customers, but some customers have been grandfathered into the old plans.