Mint Mobile’s Super Bowl Promo: A Retrospective

During the Super Bowl, Mint Mobile was offering new customers three months of free service. In my earlier post about the promotion, I said that I thought the deal wouldn’t have any serious catches or gotchas that made it less appealing. Sure enough, that’s how things panned out. I really appreciate that Mint Mobile doesn’t engage in gimmicks to nickel-and-dime its customers.

As expected, new customers were able to get free service, a free SIM card, and free shipping:

Mint Checkout

Before the promotion launched, I wondered whether Mint Mobile would try to push people into plans that renewed automatically. I’m happy with the approach Mint took. On the checkout page for the promotion, Mint conspicuously featured details about its auto recharge program. While the auto recharge box was checked by default, the program was clearly explained, and the box was easy to uncheck:

Mint Mobile Auto Recharge

Promotion duration

In my last post, I wrote:

It sounds like the promotion will last for something like 3-5 hours. Mint is suggesting that the promotion will end when the final whistle blows at the end of the Superbowl (though I won’t be shocked if the promotion stays available for a bit longer).

Sure enough, Mint extended the promotion. Here’s a screenshot from Mint’s website last night:

When I checked Mint’s website shortly after midnight on the West Coast, the promotion looked like it was still running. When I checked Mint’s website this morning, the promotion was over.

Mint Mobile Offering 3 Months Free During The Superbowl – No Serious Catches

Mint Mobile is going to run a huge promotion this Sunday during the Superbowl. Once the game starts (around 3:15PM PST), new customers can go to to get 3 months of service for free on Mint’s plan that includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 3GB of data per month. The promotion doesn’t appear to involve any serious catches. There’s no long-term commitment or device purchase required.

Those who take advantage of the promotion will need to give Mint a credit card number and temporarily pay a $0.01 charge. Here’s how Mint explains it:

This 3-month 3GB plan is 100% on us. There is just a $0.01 temporary payment verification to verify the credit card used is valid. And even that will be refunded within 5-7 business days.

It sounds like the promotion will last for something like 3-5 hours. Mint is suggesting that the promotion will end when the final whistle blows at the end of the Superbowl (though I won’t be shocked if the promotion stays available for a bit longer).

This promotion looks like an awesome deal for people who want to try Mint. I’ll be surprised if there end up being any unexpected catches or gotchas.


Here are some more details about the terms of the promotion.

  • Only one person per household may take advantage of the promotion.
  • Service must be activated within 45 days.
  • As usual, Mint will allow subscribers to port existing numbers or receive new numbers.
  • As with Mint’s other plans, if you use up your 3GB data allotment, you can continue using additional data at very slow speeds.
  • If you want more than 3GB of high-speed data, you can upgrade by paying the prorated difference between the 3GB plan’s price and the price of a plan with a larger data allowance.
  • After the 3 free months are over, you can purchase further service according to Mint’s standard plans and prices.

Reynolds’ tweet

Actor Ryan Reynolds, an owner of Mint Mobile, tweeted about the promotion earlier today:

Ryan Reynolds tweet about Mint Mobile's 3 months free promotion

Ryan Reynolds Acquires An Ownership Stake In Mint Mobile

Actor Ryan Reynolds recently announced that he has acquired an ownership stake in Mint Mobile. I expect that Reynolds only owns a part of Mint Mobile rather than the entire company, but I’m not entirely sure. In many places, Reynolds is described as the owner of Mint Mobile in a way that doesn’t seem incompatible with him having complete or near-complete ownership of the company.

From Reynolds’ Twitter bio:

Reynold's Twitter Bio Screenshot

From Reynolds’ tweet announcing involvement with Mint:

Ryan Reynolds tweet screenshot

From a banner on Mint’s website:

Image from Mint Mobile's website

However, Mint Mobile’s press release makes it sound like Reynolds only acquired partial ownership:

Mint Mobile, the wireless company offering carrier-grade service for a fraction of the cost, today announced actor, writer, producer and mobile phone enthusiast Ryan Reynolds has purchased an ownership stake in the company.

The press release suggests that Reynolds will become involved with Mint’s marketing and communications efforts. I’d love to see Mint come up with ads similar to this one that Reynolds used to promote his gin brand:

Mint Mobile Fox Mascot

Mint Mobile’s 6 Months For The Price Of 3 Deal

In this post, I discuss a promotion Mint Mobile is running. I think Mint Mobile is an excellent carrier for many people, but I’m not impartial. I receive commissions from Mint Mobile. If you purchase Mint service after clicking a link on my website, I’ll likely receive a commission (further details here).

Today, Mint Mobile began a new promotion on its plan with unlimited talk, unlimited texts, and 8GB of regular data each month. New customers that purchase 3 months of service at $20 per month during the promotional period will get an additional 3 months of service for free. In other words, $60 (plus taxes and fees) buys six months of service.

Taking advantage of the deal will not lock customers into longer service terms with Mint. After 6 months, subscribers can cease using Mint Mobile’s service with no penalty. Alternatively, customers can continue service at Mint’s regular rates, which vary based on the number of months of service purchased. Here are the current prices for the 8GB plan:

  • 3 months: $35 per month
  • 6 months: $25 per month
  • 12 months: $20 per month

The current deal is only available on Mint Mobile’s plan with 8GB of data. If Mint’s 3GB plan is sufficient for your data usage, consider purchasing the 8GB plan during the 6-month promotional period then renewing with the 3GB plan.

Mint Mobile described the promotion as its best deal ever. I think that’s accurate. $10 per month for unlimited talk, unlimited texts, and 8GBs of data is an awfully good deal.

Mint calls the deal a “limited time offer,” but I haven’t heard when the promotion will end. I share extensive details about Mint Mobile in my review of the service.