Sprint’s Unlimited Plans Compared

Last updated: 4/16/2020

Sprint offers four unlimited plans:

  • Unlimited Kickstart
  • Unlimited Basic
  • Unlimited Plus
  • Unlimited Premium

While all four plans include unlimited minutes, texts, and data, the more expensive plans have more features.

Differences between Sprint’s plans


Pricing on Sprint’s plans is a bit confusing. The rates for the first year or so of service are sometimes lower than the rates after the first year.

The rates shown in the tables below include a discount for automatic payments. The rates do not include taxes or fees.

Pricing in the first year


Ongoing pricing


Mobile hotspot

Mobile hotspot allowances vary among Sprint’s unlimited plans.

  • Kickstart: No allowance
  • Basic: 500MB
  • Plus: 50GB
  • Premium: 100GB

Video streaming

Video streaming is throttled to standard definition (sometimes called DVD-quality or 480p) on the Kickstart and Basic plans. The Plus plan allows HD-quality streaming (sometimes called 1080p). I believe video is not throttled on the Premium plan.

Canada and Mexico roaming

Sprint Global Roaming allows for free texting and free data use at ultra-slow speeds in most countries. Sprint includes full-speed data access and free calling in Mexico and Canada on some of its plans:

  • Basic: Unlimited calling and 5GB of full-speed data
  • Plus: Unlimited calling and 10GB of full-speed data
  • Premium: Unlimited calling and unlimited full-speed data

Leasing options

Customers that acquire phones with Sprint’s Flex Lease program are not eligible for the Kickstart plan. Kickstart subscribers must purchase phones outright or bring their own devices.

Added services

Some of Sprint’s plans come with free access to other services:

  • Kickstart: None
  • Basic: Hulu
  • Plus: Hulu and TIDAL
  • Premium: Hulu, TIDAL, and Amazon Prime

See unlimited plans on Sprint’s website