How Much Is a Verizon Unlimited Plan?

Last updated: July 2020

Verizon’s offers four different postpaid, unlimited plans. The plans are priced according to the number of lines a customer has on an account. As of July 2020, the plans range from $30 per month (the Start Unlimited plan on an account with at least 5 lines) to $90 per month (the Get More Unlimited plan on a single-line account).

The table below shows the monthly cost of Verizon’s postpaid, unlimited plans. A discount for automatic payments and paperless billing is included. Taxes and fees will add to the final price.

LinesStartPlay MoreDo MoreGet More

See unlimited plans on Verizon’s website

Verizon also has a prepaid, unlimited plan. That plan has a base price of $65. Enrolling in automatic payments and sticking around long enough for loyalty discounts to kick in can decrease the cost to $50 per month.