Sprint MVNO List

A number of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) operate over Sprint’s network. In many cases, these MVNOs offer wireless service that is substantially cheaper than service purchased directly from Sprint.

While MVNOs that use Sprint’s network often offer coverage profiles nearly as extensive as Sprint’s own coverage profile, subscribers using MVNOs will often have low priority on Sprint’s network. Accordingly, subscribers using MVNOs may experience especially slow data speeds during periods of network congestion.

Sprint has been acquired by T-Mobile. Many of the MVNOs listed below are in the process of migrating from the legacy Sprint network to the New T-Mobile network.

List of Sprint MVNOs

CarrierEstimated subscribersRecommendedNotes:
Straight Talk*9,000,000Straight Talk is a TracFone brand.
Boost Mobile8,000,000
NET10 Wireless*3,000,000NET10 is part of TracFone
Virgin Mobile3,000,000PrepaidCompare.net suggests Virgin has approximately 1,00,000 subscribers. I'm suspicious this number is far to low, but my 3,000,000 number is a guess.
Republic Wireless2,500,000
Twigby300,000Twigby defaults to Sprint's network. When Sprint's network is unavailable and Verizon's network is available, Twigby customers have talk and text access on Verizon's network.
Red Pocket Mobile200,000
Unreal Mobile100,000
Pix Wireless50,000
Gen Mobile20,000
Beast Mobile10,000
Clearway Wireless*Clearway is a TracFone brand. I believe Clearway works with all of the Big Four networks, but I'm not confident.