Mint Mobile Coverage

Mint Mobile offers coverage over T-Mobile’s network. While T-Mobile’s network isn’t the largest in the nation, it still offers solid coverage in most decently populated areas. You can check coverage at your location with Mint Mobile’s coverage map.

Coverage map comparison

The map below is a screenshot I took of Mint Mobile’s coverage map in September 2020. In the green areas, Mint is expect to offer coverage. No coverage is available in areas marked in white:

Mint Mobile Coverage Map

Mint Mobile’s map is extremely similar to T-Mobile’s map. The screenshot below was taken from T-Mobile’s website in September 2020. Areas marked in black are not expected to have any coverage.

The maps show nearly identical coverage in densely populated areas. In sparsely populated areas, it looks like T-Mobile sometimes offers coverage in areas where Mint does not offer coverage (e.g., central Nebraska). I expect the discrepancy exists because Mint does not have access to service from all of T-Mobile’s roaming partners.

Band 71

For the best coverage experience, I recommend using Mint Mobile with a phone that supports LTE band 71. T-Mobile’s network uses low-frequency spectrum in band 71 extensively. This low-frequency spectrum is especially good for coverage since the signals can travel long distances with limited trouble.

5G Coverage

Mint Mobile subscribers with compatible devices can access T-Mobile’s 5G network. 5G access comes at no extra charge and includes T-Mobile’s low-band, mid-band, and millimeter wave 5G services. You can check whether 5G is available at a specific location by enter an address on Mint Mobile’s coverage page.