Best Mobile Hotspot Plans

Finding a good mobile hotspot plan can be tough. Below, I share my favorite options on the market. I try to keep the list updated.

Best add-on plans

Great coverage and prices: Verizon

Verizon’s Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans are well-priced and offer decent allotments of hotspot data from the largest network in the nation. Unfortunately, the plans are only available as add-ons for subscribers that have phones on certain postpaid Verizon plans.

The word “unlimited” is a bit misleading in the plans’ names. Full-speed data is limited:

  • Unlimited: 15GB per month of full-speed data
  • Unlimited Plus: 30GB month of full-speed data

Subscribers that use up all of their regular data will be throttled to 600Kbps, a sluggish speed.

The Unlimited plan costs $20 per month, and the Unlimited Plus plan comes in at $30 per month. Subscribers on Verizon’s Do More Unlimited or Get More Unlimited plan can get the Unlimited plan for $10 per month and the Unlimited Plus plan for $15 per month (a 50% discount).

On another page, I go into more detail about Verizon’s hotspot plans.

Best standalone plans

Low cost: Boost

Boost offers 50GB of hotspot data on a standalone plan that only costs $50 per month. The plan works with Boost’s Coolpad Surf, which is well-priced at only $49.99. While Boost doesn’t offer the most extensive coverage, the Boost plan offers an outrageously low cost per gigabyte of data.

Good coverage: Cricket

If Boosts plan doesn’t offer sufficient coverage, Cricket wireless runs over AT&T’s extensive network and offers three well-priced hotspot plans.

  • 20GB – $35 per month
  • 40GB – $50 per month
  • 100GB – $90 per month

More information about Cricket’s data-only plans is shared on the carrier’s website.

Rest of the market


AT&T offers two postpaid plans for hotspots. AT&T calls these DataConnect plans. With these two plans, additional data is available at a rate of $10 per 2GB of data.

  • 15GB – $60 per month
  • 35GB – $85 per month

Three prepaid plans are also available from AT&T:

  • 3GB – $25 per month (additional data for $10 per 1GB)
  • 10GB – $50 per month (additional data for $10 per 1.5GB)
  • 18GB – $75 per month (additional data for $10 per 2GB)

Further details: Dedicated article on AT&T’s hotspot plans

Straight Talk

Straight Talk offers five mobile hotspot plans. Two come with monthly (30-day) terms:

  • 1GB – $15
  • 2GB – $25

Straight Talk also offers three plans with 60-day terms:

  • 4GB – $40
  • 5GB – $50
  • 7GB – $75


T-Mobile offers six plans that work with standalone mobile hotspots. Here are the plans monthly prices and high-speed data allotments:

  • 2GB – $10
  • 6GB – $25
  • 10GB – $40
  • 14GB – $55
  • 18GB – $70
  • 22GB – $85

Once high-speed data allotments are used, all of these plans allow additional data use at a sluggish 600Kbps (what T-Mobile calls “3G speeds”). Unlike most other plans on this page, T-Mobile includes taxes and fees in the list prices of these plans. Subscribers on T-Mobile’s hotspot plans may be eligible for some data use when roaming in Mexico and Canada.

Further details: Dedicated article on T-Mobile’s hotspot plans

Last updated: 10/25/2020