Best High-Performance Cell Phone Plans

Choosing a cell phone plan can be an ordeal. Sorting through all the options, complicated price structures, and confusing policies takes a lot of work. At Coverage Critic, I spend a ton of time digging into the performance of wireless networks and making sense of carriers’ policies.

Below, I share my top recommendations for high-performance plans. These recommendations are geared towards people who are willing to pay extra for top-tier service. Most of these plans are available as either single-line plans or multi-line (family) plans. In general, the per-line prices of these plans drop at more lines are added to an account.

If you’re interested in more budget-friendly options, check out my recommendations for low-cost family plans or low-cost regular plans.

Verizon Postpaid

Verizon logo
Verizon has the most reliable network in the nation. For light data uses, Verizon offers plans with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and shared allotments of data each month. Moderate and heavy users of data will be better served by Verizon’s unlimited data plans. For those who want an unlimited data and stellar performance, I recommend opting for one of Verizon’s plans with an allotment of Premium Data. Premium Data allows for better-quality service during periods of network congestion.

Verizon allows customers with multiple lines to mix and match among its different unlimited plans within a single account. For those who are unsure which Verizon’s unlimited plans they want, I think Verizon’s Play More Unlimited plan is usually a good choice.

Example plan: 5 lines on Verizon’s Play More Unlimited plan for $40 per line each month.


AT&T offers great service in a lot of places even though the network’s coverage profile isn’t as extensive as Verizon’s coverage profile. For moderate and heavy users of data, I recommend AT&T’s Unlimited Extra plan. Families that don’t use much data may get better value and a similar service experience with AT&T’s limited-data, prepaid plans.

Example plan: 4 lines on AT&T’s Unlimited Extra plan (unlimited minutes, texts, and data) for $40 per line each month.