AT&T Unlimited Plan Comparison

Last updated: July 2021

AT&T has three postpaid, unlimited plans. While all three plans include unlimited minutes, texts, and data, the more expensive unlimited plans come with extra features. AT&T also has two prepaid, unlimited plans. I discuss those prepaid plans on another page.

Differences between AT&T’s unlimited plans


The plan prices listed below include discounts for automatic payments and paperless billing. Taxes and fees are not included.1

LinesUnlimited EliteUnlimited ExtraUnlimited Starter

Premium Data

AT&T’s unlimited plans come with different monthly allotments of what AT&T calls “Premium Data.”

  • Unlimited Starter: No premium data
  • Unlimited Extra: 50GB premium data
  • Unlimited Elite: Unlimited premium data

Subscribers on the Unlimited Starter plan and subscribers who’ve gone beyond their premium data allotments will be subject to deprioritization during periods of network congestion. During busy times, these subscribers may experience slower data speeds than other users on the network.

In most of the U.S., network congestion is relatively rare. However, there are some areas where congestion is relatively common.

Mobile hotspot access

Mobile hotspot allows you to turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices like laptops and tablets. Mobile hotspot allowances vary among AT&T’s unlimited plans:

  • Unlimited Starter: No hotspot allowance
  • Unlimited Extra: 15GB hotspot
  • Unlimited Elite: 40GB hotspot

On the Unlimited Extra and Unlimited Elite plans, hotspot speeds will be throttled to 128Kbps after allowances are depleted (128Kbps is quite slow).2


The Unlimited Starter and Unlimited Extra plans limit video traffic to standard definition (sometimes called 480p or DVD-quality). In my opinion, standard definition video is perfectly watchable, but people who care about visual quality may not like having their video quality limited.

The Unlimited Elite plan allows streaming in resolutions up to 4k.


AT&T’s Unlimited Elite plan comes with free access to HBO NOW (regularly about $15 per month). HBO NOW is not included with the Unlimited Extra or Unlimited Starter plans.

5G access

The Unlimited Elite and the Unlimited Extra plans permit access to AT&T’s 5G service. The Unlimited Starter plan does not. At the moment, AT&T’s 5G coverage is limited, and few consumers have 5G-compatible devices. Accordingly, 5G access is useless for most consumers at this time.

Head-to-head comparisons

On other pages, I directly compare AT&T’s unlimited plans:

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  1. The credit for automatic payments and paperless billing is $10 per month on each line. According to AT&T, “Credits will begin in 1-2 billing cycles after enrollment.” Prices came from AT&T’s website on 4/3/2020.
  2. I’m not entirely confident that users on the Unlimited Starter plan can’t use mobile hotspot at 128Kbps. On 4/13/2020, an FAQ on AT&T’s website at least gave the impression that Unlimited Starter subscribers do not have any hotspot access:
    “The AT&T Unlimited Starter plan doesn’t include hotspot data.”