AT&T Prepaid Unlimited Plan Comparison

Last updated: April 14, 2020

AT&T offers two prepaid, unlimited plans: the Unlimited plan and the Unlimited Plus plan. While both of these plans include unlimited minutes, texts, and data, the Unlimited Plus plan has additional features.


The Unlimited Plus plan has a base price $5-$10 per month higher than the regular Unlimited plan.

  • Unlimited: $65 per month ($45 per month with automatic payments)
  • Unlimited Plus: $75 per month ($50 per month with automatic payments)

Given the huge discount that comes with automatic payments, subscribers should be sure to set those up.


On the regular Unlimited plan, AT&T notes:1

AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.
In other words, Unlimited plan subscribers are always deprioritized during periods of network congestion. The speeds these subscribers experience during congestion may be much slower than the speeds other users on the network experience. Congestion is rare in most areas, but congestion is unusually frequent in some regions.

Mobile hotspot

The Unlimited Plus plan comes with an allotment of 10GB of full-speed mobile hotspot data. Mobile hotspot allows laptops and other devices to piggyback on a phone’s cellular connection. Subscribers on the Unlimited plan don’t normally get any allotment of hotspot data. However, these subscribers can pay $10 for a 5GB hotspot add-on.

Video streaming

Video streaming is limited to standard definition (sometimes called 480p or DVD-quality) on the Unlimited plan. Subscribers on the Unlimited Plus plan can stream at up to 1080p quality if they turn off AT&T’s Stream Saver.

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  1. The excerpt came from AT&T’s prepaid plans page on 4/14/2020.