Tello Launches 50% Off & Free SIM Promotion

In January, Tello started transitioning to T-Mobile’s network. Here’s what I wrote at the time:

Tello, a carrier that has historically run over Sprint’s network, is now offering new customers service over T-Mobile’s network. Despite switching to a network with much better coverage, Tello has not increased its prices.

I think Tello is now one of the best options on the market for customers that don’t need a lot of data.

With a promotion that Tello just launched today, the deal is getting even better. New customers can now get (a) 50% off their first three months of service and (b) a free SIM card for Tello’s T-Mobile-based service. The SIM card normally costs about $10. Existing customers that add lines are also eligible for the promotion.

The deal is slotted to run until February 28. More details can be found in a blog post on Tello’s website.

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