Visible’s First Month For $3 Promotion

Visible is running a promotion where new subscribers can get their first month of service for only $3. The promotion will run until December 21. No commitment or device purchase is required.

Those taking advantage of the deal need to enter “Tryfor3” as their promo code at checkout. While Visible isn’t mentioning the promotion on the most prominent parts of its website, you can find more details from Visible here.

I regularly encourage people on expensive phone plans to try out a low-cost, prepaid carrier for a month. In many cases, people have a great experience and decide to stick with their new carrier and benefit from big savings month after month. In the cases where people don’t have a great experience, they aren’t locked in and can switch back to a premium carrier.

With Visible, I especially encourage people to treat their first month of service as a trial. While many people find their experiences with Visible to be almost indistinguishable from their experiences with expensive plans offered directly by Verizon, a meaningful minority of people who try Visible encounter issues. With the current promotion, it’s easier than ever to give Visible a go on a trial basis.

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