Mint Mobile’s Pre-Black Friday Promo

Today, Mint Mobile launched a promotion where new customers can purchase a three-month plan and get three extra months of service at no cost. The latest promotion stacks with Mint’s existing introductory offer allowing new subscribers to buy three months of service at the monthly rate normally reserved for subscribers that purchase twelve months of service upfront.

Mint Mobile promotional image for the pre-Black Friday deal

With the combined offers, Mint’s plan with 3GB of data, unlimited minutes, and unlimited texts costs only $45 for six months (or $7.50 per month). While I haven’t seen an official end date for the latest promotion, I expect it’ll run until at least Black Friday (November 27).


Total prices for six months of service (before taxes and fees):

  • 3GB plan – $45
  • 8GB plan – $60
  • 12GB plan – $75
  • Unlimited plan – $90

Effective monthly prices for the first six months (before taxes and fees):

  • 3GB plan – $7.50
  • 8GB plan – $10
  • 12GB plan – $12.50
  • Unlimited plan – $15

The final price of Mint’s services will typically be about 10% higher after taxes and fees. You can find additional details or subscribe on Mint’s website.

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